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What is the appropriate linewi

Time:2020-11-30 14:04

With the continuous upgrading of electronic products, new products have entered thousands of households, but many friends just began to design PCB, they were not very clear about the production process capacity of the PCB proofing factory, and did not know how much linewidth should be used. The following editor will give a detailed description according to the production capacity of the factory.
How much is the linewidth of PCB proofing
1. When the width of PCB is more than 40mil, it is best to allow the width of power supply above 25mil;

2. In addition, the actual current should be considered. Generally, the maximum current that 10mil can bear is 1a, and the appropriate line width should be selected according to the actual current;
3. The ground wire of the power supply should be wider than the line width of V +, and should be surrounded by V + as much as possible to reduce interference and power ripple;
4. When converted into mm, it can be simply recorded as positive power supply no less than 0.6 mm, and the negative power supply is greater than the positive power supply, and it is surrounded by the positive power supply.
At present, 6mil is the mainstream in China. However, when the requirements are not high, 10mil or 8mil with higher reliability should be selected.
Can 3mil line width be done in PCB proofing
Here, the editor may clearly answer that 3mil can be done. Electronic products are gradually developing towards light, thin, short and miniaturization, and the volume is getting smaller and smaller, which leaves us less and less space for wiring. Therefore, it is relatively compact in design, and the line width of 3mil may be designed in many places.

In order to meet the continuous demand of the market, the PCB proofing factory is also constantly improving the production process capacity, from the previous 6mil to the current 3mil. Although the process capacity has been improved, the cost will be relatively higher. Therefore, whether it is proofing or production, 3mil PCB board will be higher than ordinary boards.
If you have any help on the right side of 3pcb, please contact us if you have any help on the line width.