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The importance of equipment in

Time:2020-11-30 14:09

First of all, let's talk about the importance of equipment in SMT chip processing. As an industry that needs complete manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, qualified SMT chip processing plant must have complete equipment. The performance and accuracy of manufacturing equipment directly determines the SMT chip production capacity and quality. This is just like the ancients said: "if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.". Xinyi electronic adopts equipment that can meet the minimum mounting accuracy of 01005 (medium speed and high-speed Yamaha Mounter imported from Japan), Nippon wave soldering, Zhenhua new AOI, etc. Implement BGA / IC precision mounting and testing. Therefore, in the inspection of the quality status of a SMT chip processing supplier, whether the production capacity can meet the planned demand can be judged by the equipment provided by the company.
Therefore, for a SMT SMT chip processing supplier, the equipment is one of the important factors to judge the process level and ability. If as a chip processing plant, even the basic equipment can not be fully equipped, it is not necessary to say much about its quality and delivery capacity.
Next, let's talk about the importance of equipment for production capacity. Due to the fluctuation of consumption cycle and consumption characteristics in the market, any industry has the difference between off-season and peak season. When an SMT SMT factory is full of orders and the delivery time is urgent, and the customer's new orders are relatively large, the factory will have two situations: first, the order is placed first, and then the delay formula is made. Until the existing urgent orders are consumed, the production can be started. The second is a more responsible method of refusing cooperation directly because of the delivery date.