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Analysis of the characteristic

Time:2020-11-30 14:06

Multi function mounter is also called high-precision Mounter or universal machine. It can mount high-precision large-scale and special-shaped components. "Generally, it can also mount small-scale chip elements, covering almost all the component range, so it is called multi-functional mounter. Today, the small editor of SMD will talk about the basic features of the multi-functional placement machine
1、 Most of the structure of the function mounter is arch structure, which has the characteristics of high precision and good flexibility.
2、 Most of the X and Y positioning systems are driven by full closed-loop servo motors, and the linear grating encoder is used for direct position feedback, so as to avoid the error caused by screw rod distortion. In some cases, double motors and double screws are used to drive on both sides of the platform in y-axis, and the bilinear grating ruler is used for feedback, which can effectively reduce the waiting caused by the static mounting head and reduce the error caused by the asynchronous deformation of the beam. There are more advanced linear magnetic levitation motor, in addition to the technical characteristics of dual drive, but also has direct drive, less wear and tear of mechanical structure, fast feedback, quiet, easy maintenance and high precision.
3、 Most of the multi kinetic energy Mounter adopts the fixed circuit board. The X and Y positioning is realized by the movement of the mounting head. The large or heavy components will not be displaced due to the movement of the table.
4、 Able to accept all kinds of material packaging, such as tape, tube, box and tray. In addition, when there are more materials in the tray, the multi-layer special tray feeder can be installed.
5、 In addition to the traditional vacuum suction nozzle, the special suction nozzle can be used for the special-shaped components which are difficult to be absorbed. In addition, the pneumatic clamping claw can be used for the components that cannot be absorbed by the vacuum suction nozzle.
6、 The components are usually calibrated with up looking camera, which has the functions of front light, side light, back light and on-line light, which can identify various components. If the size of the component is too large to exceed one view (FOV) of the camera, the up looking camera can also be analyzed and corrected by taking multiple images. Some multi-function Mounter's mounting head is also equipped with mounting head mobile camera, which can identify various small components.
7、 In some products, some pin h paste components also need to be installed together with other patch elements, and then be potted by reflow soldering. The insertion of this kind of plug-in components requires the machine to have the ability of high pressure mounting. The mounting head of some multi-function Mounter has the ability of high pressure mounting. The mounting pressure can be controlled by program, up to 5 kg.
8、 Some multi-functional Mounter can be equipped with flux dip assembly, which can be used to mount package on package and flip chip.
9、 Some multi-functional Mounter can also be equipped with a dispensing head for dispensing before mounting, tin filling or under filling of some components.
Multi function Mounter can deal with a variety of complex components, which is an essential equipment in the production of complex electronic products. In some scientific research, testing and trial production units, only one or more multi-functional mounter is used for small batch production under the condition of being able to accommodate the types of materials. However, the speed of multi-function Mounter in processing small pieces of chip is far from being compared with that of high-speed mounter. The mounting speed of some high-speed Mounter can reach 5-10 times of that of multi-function machine when mounting the same components. Therefore, in the medium and large-scale production, the reasonable configuration will be carried out according to the characteristics of the products, so that the efficiency of each equipment is close to higher.