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Corporate Philosophy
Shenghong technology in line with the "scientific development, innovation and efficiency, harmony and win-win, to build a famous brand" corporate philosophy, to enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the enterprise staff, so that the company's development strategy and the staff's vision together, to promote the development of the company, specifically in the following areas:.
1, scientific development is to develop according to objective laws, science mainly refers to the scientific decision-making in operation, which is the basis and key to determine the success or failure of business activities. Only by ensuring the scientific nature of decision-making can Shenghong Technology ensure the stable development of the enterprise.
2, innovation and efficiency is the goal of the pursuit of business activities, the meaning of high efficiency, one is high efficiency, the second is high efficiency and benefit. Adhering to this principle is conducive to achieving the return on investment, input and output, cost and benefit maximization, to ensure that the enterprise can be stable development, so that Shenghong Technology can maintain a strong vitality and strong competitiveness, and always invincible in the market competition.
3, harmony and win-win is Shenghong Technology focus on the subjective initiative of people, and constantly enhance the centripetal force, cohesion and core competitiveness of Shenghong Technology. Accurately grasp the connotation of people-oriented, for the innovative development of Shenghong technology to provide the concept of guiding the development of the times, social progress, management upgrades, Shenghong to develop, shall respect people, care for people, rely on people, shaping people, business needs are people, people are the key, no one in the enterprise is to stop; enterprises rely on people, people are the main body, people in the activities of Shenghong technology in a central position; Shenghong technology for people, people are the purpose, run enterprises The ultimate is to meet the needs of people. Focus on the harmony of employees and Shenghong Technology. Employees do their part for the development of Shenghong Technology, Shenghong Technology to help the development of employees. Focus on guiding employees to highly unify their personal will with the vision of Shenghong Science and Technology, and realize their personal value while achieving the big goal of Shenghong Science and Technology.
4、Create famous brand: brand is the flag of Shenghong Technology, is an important support for the survival of Shenghong Technology, is the intangible assets of Shenghong Technology, it concentrates on the image of Shenghong Technology. Famous brand is a kind of core competitiveness of Shenghong Technology, it can bring great competitive advantage and economic benefit to Shenghong Technology. In today's domestic and international market competition, well-known enterprises are focusing on building their own brand to enhance their core competitiveness in order to occupy more market share. As a developing medium and large enterprise, Shenghong Technology has always been known for its advanced technology, trustworthiness and commitment. Today, to seek development in the fierce market competition, Shenghong Technology must vigorously implement the brand strategy, carefully build Shenghong Technology's team brand, technology brand, service brand, rely on the brand to win, establish their own good image, and develop and occupy the external market.
Enterprise vision
Customer satisfaction, innovation and creation, leading the industry development
Enterprise mission
1, seize the opportunity: make full use of the existing resources and foundation, seize the opportunity of listing, take advantage of the momentum, follow the trend and make the PCB industry bigger and stronger.
2, the pursuit of excellence: the pursuit of first-class brand and first-class efficiency with first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class management.
3, achievement of customers: customer-centric, to provide customers with high-quality products and services for the purpose, to help customers win the market for the glory.
4、Return to society: Satisfy customers with high-quality brand and in-place services; satisfy the government with green economy and tax growth; satisfy employees with attentive management and excellent corporate culture; satisfy shareholders with well-known reputation and higher earnings.
Core Values
Love and dedication to work Integrity to establish business Responsibility to develop business
Work Philosophy
No ifs, only results; no hard work, only credit.
No Conflict Minerals Policy
Conflict minerals" refers to minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, cobalt and other minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries, the sale of which may provide financial support for the ongoing armed conflicts in these countries. Shenghong Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the issue of conflict minerals and has taken action to address the issue. We do not purchase conflict metals produced from conflict areas; we ask our suppliers to refuse to use conflict metals from conflict areas and issue commitment letters; we ask our suppliers to communicate this request to their upstream suppliers; we will work with our customers and suppliers to find sustainable solutions to deal with the conflict minerals issue.